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Caracal (カラカル, Karakaru) is a Friends that appeared in the Kemono Friends' game.


Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Hirohashi Ryou (広橋涼)
G090 Caracal a
Game caracal


suborder feliformia, family felidae, genus caracal. I'm caracal. the ear tuft have a good sense right? I like nap and interesting thing but I think the most thing I can't get bored with is watching serval. well, because I have known serval for a long time, I understand how to deal with her.

In Game Dialogue

  • あんたとこんなに気が合うようになるなんてね、手、つないでもいいかな ( "to even get along with you like this, can we hold hands? " )
  • お疲れ様。今日はどこに行こっか? ( "thanks for the hardwork. today where do you want to go? " )
  • 夜はあたしのそばに居れば安心安心。なんてたって夜行性だからね ( "if you're by my side at night, it's safe, it's safe. for i am active at night" <nocturnal> )
  • ガイドさんの名前、憶えてる?『未来』よ。いつも名前で呼ばないから忘れちゃいそう ( "do you remember the guide's name? it's "Mirai". because I never calling her by name, I'm likely to forget it" )
  • なんだかんだ、サーバルとは気が合うのよね ( "all in all, looks like you get along well with serval" )
  • あんたのおかげで、私とサーバルの友情は保たれたんだよねー... ... ふふ、ありがと ( "thanks to you, me and serval friendship can be maintained... fufu thank you." )
  • 同じグループの子と一緒だと戦い易いのよね。ちなみにサーバルと私は一緒のグループよ ( "it's easier to fight alongside kid from the same group right? by the way, me and serval are in the same group." )



In episode 10, Caracal was mentioned by Serval that she's tracking down the Black Cerulean in the Lucky Beast's hologram.

In Real Life

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