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Common Raccoon (アライグマ, Araiguma) is a Friend that has appeared in all Kemono Friends media to date. She can almost always be found together with Fennec, who tends to follow her around wherever she goes.

She's brash and often acts and speaks without thinking things through. Her self-esteem is generally quite high, but frail enough to break apart should something happen.

She often goes by the name Arai-san (アライさん, short for Araiguma, her Japanese name), with Fennec calling her by this nickname exclusively. She also speaks with an ending of Nanoda (なのだ).


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Oozora Naomi (大空直美)
G022 Common Raccoon a
G022 Common Raccoon b


"Arai-san ha araiguma no na no toori , te wo aratteru you ni miete... ... hontou ha kawa no naka wo sagutteiru no da! Arai-san ha te de kanjiru mono wo shinjiru no da. Dakara, omae mo Arai-san no shinjiru te wo shinjiro na no da! Saa, issho ni hitoyama ate ni iku no daa!"

English Translation

"Arai-san is a raccoon, as the name implied it looks like she's washing her own hand... ...but the truth is she's searching for something inside the river! Arai-san believe in things that felt by her hand. so, Arai-san want you also to believe in the hand that Arai-san believe in. Now let's go together and strike it rich!"

  • araiguma (浣熊) mean washing-bear

In-Game Stats

Common Raccoon
Rarity ★★ Evasion 93
HP 5,141 Speed 39
ATK 2,324 Knock-Back 36
DPS 1,812 Reach 20


Japanese Romaji English Translation
気配って行くのだー Kikubatte iku no daa Let's go all out!
む? 何か事件なのだ? アライさんの出番なのだ? Mu? Nanika jiken na no da? Arai-san no deban na no da? Hm? is it incident? is it arai-san's turn?
フェネックは愉快な仲間なのだ! でも、時々しか助けてくれないのだ Fenekku ha yukai na nakama na no da! Demo, tokidoki shika tasukete kurenai no da Fennec is a pleasant partner! But she's only help sometimes
一緒に居て楽しいのだ? むふー、もっと感謝して良いのだ Issho ni ite tanoshii no da? Mufuu, motto kansha shite yoi no da Are you happy to be together? Hm, it's a good thing to thanks me more
よっしゃー、アライさんにお任せなのだー! Yosshaa, Arai-san ni omakase na nodaa! Alright, leave it to Arai-san!
暇なら、アライさんの頭を撫でてれば良いと思うのだ Hima nara, Arai-san no atama wo nadetereba yoi to omou no da If you're free, patting Arai-san head is a good idea
アライさんの信頼を勝ち取った「 」は無敵なのだ! 死角が見当たらないのだ〜! Arai-san no shinrai wo kachi totta [ ] ha muteki na no da! shikaku ga miataranai no daa! player​'s name ] who can gain Arai-san trust is invincible! you don't have any weakness !
とうとうアライさんの時代が来るのだっ! Toutou Arai-san no jidai ga kuru no da! At last, Arai-san times has come!
(サーバルに)そう、おまえを捕縛して、アライさんはこのジャパリパークに名を轟かすのだー。えへぇー Saabaru ni ) sou, omae wo hobaku shite, Arai-san ha kono japari-paaku ni na wo todorokasu no daa. ehee ( to Serval ) yes, after Arai-san capturing you, Arai-san will make her name roaring all across the japari park
フェネックはジャパリパークが大好きなのだ。でも、「 」たちも好きなのだ。だから、グチグチ考えるのも不思議ではないのだ Fenekku ha japari-paaku ga daisuki na no da. demo [ ]-tachi mo suki na no da. dakara, guchi-guchi kangaeru no mo fushigi de ha nai no da Fennec love japari-park, but fennec also love [ player's name ] and everybody. so, continuously thinking about it is not a weird thing
どんな大変なことになったって、アライさんが絶対に全部まるごとなんとかしてやるのだ Donna taihen na koto ni nattatte, Arai-san ga zenbu marugoto nantoka shite yaru no da No matter how worse the situation has become, Arai-san will do anything whatever it takes
アライさんもついて行って、アライさんも超有名けものになるのだー! Arai-san mo tsuite itte, Arai-san mo chou-yuumei kemono ni naru no daa! Arai-san also come, Arai-san have also become a very famous character!
  • Manga During the time when the park was open to the public, she felt sad over being considered a "common" Friend and wanted to find a new path in life. This led to her asking the caretaker Nana for help. Nana suggested she'd study how other Friends live and behave.

Even so, Raccoon eventually came to the realization that being herself was the best for her and instead tried to raise her standing among Friends at the park. She ran for tourism ambassador against Peafowl, in hopes that climbing the ranks could eventually let her become the director of the park. In the end, she lost the election.


Voice Actress: Ono Saki (小野早稀)
A048 Common Raccoon

When the Sandstar eruptions happened, Raccoon had been chasing an old park guide's hat that she had taken a fondness for in the savanna area. Wearing the hat would let her hear a voice from Lucky Beast, who told her about a secret treasure at the mountain.

The hat was hit with concentrated pure Sandstar and the surprise knocked Raccoon off a cliff. When she came back up the hat was gone, much to her frustration. All that she had left was a red feather that was attached to the hat, but it was enough to have Lucky Beast speak.

After she told Fennec that she intended to chase after whoever stole her hat, the two ended up following the tracks of Kaban and Serval, leading them to the same areas and people. In the jungle area, Raccoon almost drowned but was saved by Kaban's bridge of platforms in the river. When she heard about who built it, she stated that she owed her life to Kaban.

When Raccoon and Fennec reached the professor and her assistant, she decided to ask them for permission to scale the mountain, explaining what she had heard from Lucky Beast. Though the professor initially declined her request, after further consideration she changed her mind and gave her approval.

At the top of the mountain, Raccoon finally caught her hat thief and learned that the thief and Kaban were the very same Friend. Together with Kaban, Serval and Fennec she restored the position of The Four Gods to draw enough power to expand the Sandstar filter to its required size.

After Kaban was consumed by the Colossal Cerulean, Raccoon and Fennec ran off to get help from other Friends. They both returned together with a flock of Friends to help defeat the threat to the park and save Kaban's life. Afterwards, Raccoon and Fennec started to explore the park for parts to repair the Japari Bus with.

Whether or not Raccoon followed Kaban to the Gokoku Region is unknown at the time.

Stage Drama

Butai raccoon

Common Raccoon was played by Ono Saki (小野早稀) in the Kemono Friends Stage Drama.

In Real Life

Common raccoon


  • Common Raccoon's nick name - Arai-san is the same as the Japanese professional baseball player Takahiro Arai (新井貴浩) of Hanshin Tigers.

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