Crunchyroll-hime is a Friend that made a cameo appearance in the Kemono Friends anime's eight episode. She's based on the mascot for the website Crunchyroll, which hosts the non-Japanese streams of the anime.

Crunchyroll-hime attended the debut concert of PPP's third generation at the waterfront area of Japari Park. It's currently unknown which Sandstar Eruption she was born from or what exact species she belongs to, though she appears to be some kind of tail-less fox.

Behind The Scenes

The appearance of Crunchyroll-hime in the anime was announced on February 28th 2017 by Ozaki Yuka, the voice actress of Serval, in an exclusive promotional video on Crunchyroll's twitter account. The video went up simultaneously as the episode itself.

Crunchyroll-hime also stars in her own webcomic called The Daily Life of Crunchyroll-hime, written and illustrated by KATA.

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