Cerulean is the eleventh episode of the Kemono Friends anime. It premiered on March 22nd 2017.

Episode Summary



In order of appearance.


  • The Cerulean episode skips the opening theme song, Youkoso Japari Park, which had been featured in every episode of the anime up to this point.
  • During the ending credits, the usual silhouettes of Animal Biscuits and PPP are missing.
  • The ending preview has the Japari Park sign worn out and the vegetation overgrowing. Instead of the PPP, Lucky Beast is in the background with only it's ears visible.

Promotional Videos

TVアニメ『けものフレンズ』ショートムービー キンシコウ篇

TVアニメ『けものフレンズ』ショートムービー キンシコウ篇

Character PV "Golden Snub-nosed Monkey", March 21st 2017

TVアニメ『けものフレンズ』ショートムービー ヒグマ篇

TVアニメ『けものフレンズ』ショートムービー ヒグマ篇

Character PV "Brown Bear", March 23rd 2017