Bus-like is a short bonus episode of the Kemono Friends anime. It premiered on April 5th 2017 as a free upload to director TATSUKI's YouTube channel and Nico Nico Douga channel taking place in the middle of Episode 12: Amusement Park.

TATSUKI stated that he hoped it would hold over fans for now and that this short video is a separate project from the announcement of the new Kemono Friends anime production.

It has yet to be released in English as it's not officially considered part of the Kemono Friends anime production.

けものフレンズ 12

けものフレンズ 12.1話「ばすてき」

The official YouTube upload of Episode 12.1: Busuteki in Japanese.

Episode Summary

After the fight with the Colossal Cerulean, Northern White-faced Owl and her assistant Eurasian Eagle Owl ask Fennec and Common Raccoon to find new tires for the Japari Bus, so that they can start repairing it for Kaban. Fennec mentions that they're already tired from walking a lot, so the owls decides to lend them a "bus-like" vehicle.

They all go to the amusement park and find a small wagon that can be driven by pedaling, allowing Fennec and Raccoon to take off to look for tires. The episode ends with the owls patting themselves on the back over their deeds as chiefs and deciding to go eat more of Kaban's cooking.


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