Eurasian Eagle Owl (ワシミミズク,鷲木菟, Washi Mimizuku) is a Friend in Japarry Park. Commonly referred to as the professor's assistant, she helps the professor with Japarry Library as well as serving as the chief authority among the park's Friends.

The professor calls her Minny-chan assistant (ミミちゃん助手, Mimi-chan Joshu), taken from the Japanese name for her species. Similarly, she refers to the professor as prof. Karen, a nickname that comes from the Japanese name for the professor's species.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Oowada Hitomi (大和田仁美)
G362 Eurasian Eagle Owl a
Game eurasian eagle owl

"Good day... I'm the assistant of the Northern White-faced Owl, professor Karen. Professor Karen is a genius, a great beast. Therefore I always show great respect towards her for letting me be her assistant. By the way, I am a bird of prey, so if you're giving me a bad attitude I will show off my eagle side ...Shaa!"


Voice Actress: Uehara Akari (上原あかり)
A032 Eurasian Eagle Owl

The professor's assistant has deep respect and affection for the professor and will work alongside her at all times. She also wanted to taste human cooking after the professor had heard about it and helped set up the quiz maze to determine who could help them.

When Bag and Serval arrived, she got to eat rice and curry together with the professor after Bag cooked it for them. After the professor had told Bag what species she was, the professor's assistant told them about how animal Friends are also human in a way.

When Bag was consumed by the Colossal Cerulean, she helped the professor gather up Friends to help rescue her. She also helped rebuild the Japarry Bus into a boat for Bag.

In Real Life

Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Eurasian Eagle Owl is the largest of the owls, reaching a 1.5 meter wide wingspan at full growth. It's a particularly strong and nocturnal bird of prey, so it hunts at night.


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