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Hippopotamus (カバ, Kaba) is a Friends that appeared in the Kemono Friends' game and anime.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Fujii Yukiyo (藤井ゆきよ)
G083 Hippopotamus a
Game hippopotamus

"Horse in the River, Kaba yo~. In Latin it's called Hippopotamus. I look very kind? Huhu, Thanks. But I'm unexpectedly frightening. When it's needed, I'm going to bite hard. I will be looking forward for it♪"


Voice Actress: Terui Haruka (照井春佳)
A002 Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus lives in a oasis in the Savanna Area, when there're people near the lake she will appear in front of them. She cares a lot for other friends and sometime acts like a mother.

During episode 1, She showed up in front of Kaban and Serval, she was curious about Kaban and asked who she was, after knowing she's just born from Sandstar and didn't know what animal she was, Hippopotamus asked "Can you run fast? Can you jump high? Can you fly high?" but none of it can Kaban do. So she directly referred Kaban as useless, and then given some advise that Kaban shouldn't just relied other people's help, but rather grew by herself if she wanted to live in Japari Park.

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