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Kemono Friends is a multimedia franchise created by Yoshizaki Mine that started as a Japanese-exclusive mobile game on March 16th 2015. It has since expanded into both a manga and an anime TV series that aired during winter 2017 in Japan and is available on Crunchyroll in the west.
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In all Kemono Friends media we meet animal girls known as Friends that live in Japari Park, a gigantic safari park on Japari Island. Friends are humanoid mutations of animals that was born from a mysterious material known as Sandstar that erupted from the island's volcano.

The stories varies from action comedy in both the Kemono Friends game and the Kemono Friends anime to a calmer slice-of-life comedy in the manga Kemono Friends: Youkoso Japari Park e! as well as the anthology manga Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte.

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Poll ran from April 11th 2017 to April 16th 2017, 22 people voted.
  1. Youkoso Japari Park - 9 Votes (40,91%)
  2. Boku no Friend - 7 Votes (31,82%)
  3. Oozora Dreamer - 3 Votes (13,64%)
  4. Toki no Uta - 3 Votes (13,64%)

And so another week ends. I can't say I'm surprised seeing the criminally catchy opening theme song take home the victory this time around. A worthy winner, indeed.

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