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The state of the wiki

Many months ago the decision was made by certain people involved with this wiki to move to a different platform. Because of FANDOM's rules I'm not allowed to link to or mention said site and any effort we put into making the move clear, along with general fixes on the wiki, were removed by FANDOM staff.

I apologize for this inconvenience.

Welcome To Japari Library!

Japari Library is a fan wiki devoted to all things Kemono Friends!

Kemono Friends is a multimedia franchise created by Yoshizaki Mine that started as a Japanese-exclusive mobile game on March 16th 2015. It has since expanded into both a manga and an anime TV series that aired during winter 2017 in Japan and is available on Crunchyroll in the west.

What is Kemono Friends about?

In all Kemono Friends media we meet animal girls known as Friends that live in Japari Park, a gigantic safari park on Japari Island. Friends are humanoid mutations of animals that was born from a mysterious material known as Sandstar that erupted from the island's volcano.

The stories varies from action comedy in both the Kemono Friends game and the Kemono Friends anime to a calmer slice-of-life comedy in the manga Kemono Friends: Youkoso Japari Park e! as well as the anthology manga Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte.

What's your favourite song from the Kemono Friends anime?

Poll ran from April 11th 2017 to April 16th 2017, 22 people voted.

  1. Youkoso Japari Park - 9 Votes (40,91%)
  2. Boku no Friend - 7 Votes (31,82%)
  3. Oozora Dreamer - 3 Votes (13,64%)
  4. Toki no Uta - 3 Votes (13,64%)

And so another week ends. I can't say I'm surprised seeing the criminally catchy opening theme song take home the victory this time around. A worthy winner, indeed.

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