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Japari Park is a mysterious island with little to none known about it. Japari Park is one of the major islands of Japari island, the island is also known as Kyoshu Region, the park is mainly for attraction and education. The park is famous for it's attraction, the Friends which are formed thanks to the Sandstars. The Park is divided into distinct several areas based on the environment and the friends needs. The park is broadly divided into five climate zones, the creatures in the park are called Friends, which you can interact, talk freely, and have fun with.


The Park was discovered in an unknown year and place. The original plan for the place wasn't mentioned but when Mirai set foot to the island, she met the first generation Serval...and thus Japari Park was created... to be a jurrassic park themed island. Some time later before the second eruption, the construction of the park was completed and became a park as planned and was a huge hit.

The park was taken care of by Nana & Mirai and many more park caretakers like them. They built a mini city inside the park, but wasn't shown or mentioned in the anime. The friends in the park can freely roam and live with the humans, but under supervision of one caretaker. But some time later, the caretakers and the visitors of the park had to leave because of the 2nd eruption of the Sandstar.


  • The possible region name for Japari Park is "Kyushu Region"[1]


  1. in the final clip of episode 12, the Lucky Beast said Kyushu, Referring to Japari Park.