Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte (けものフレンズ コミックアラカルト) is a manga anthology series featuring short comedy stories starring Friends from the Kemono Friends anime series from many different authors and illustrators.

The first volume, Japari Park, released on March 25th 2017 alongside the first Kemono Friends: Official Guide Book volume. Seven chapters were temporarily uploaded online for free by Young Ace Up on their Web-Ace service as a promotional campaign. The second volume, Japari Café, is set to release on April 28th 2017.


Volume 1: Japari Park

  1. Serval-chan's Bedside Manner, by Madara Sai
  2. Welcome to Japari Toilet, by Hirose Madoka
  3. Ibis' Recital, by Mahcdai
  4. Welcome to Japari Café, by Simada
  5. Relaxing Friends, by Narihara Tonmi
  6. I Started Japari Café, by Kaneko Masaru
  7. Pure White! Savanna Area!, by Kumano Yuu
  8. ---
  9. A Steady Boa, by Aoki Hayato
  10. Dash Park, by Kagami Tsuki
  11. Penguin Friends, by Nylon
  12. Serval-chan's Wife, by Kunio Kurano
  13. ---
  14. What I Know and What I Don't Know, by uku
  15. ---
  16. ---
  17. Listen to Ibis' Song!, by Akamaru

Volume 2: Japari Café

  1. TBA
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