Kemono Friends Stage Drama (舞台「けものフレンズ」) is one of the Kemono Friends Project which collaborated with Nelke Planning (ネルケプランニング), the corporate that mainly develops Anime based live action stage drama.

After the huge success of the Kemono Friends Anime, the official website soon announced a stage drama project was started planning on April 24, 2017, and stated the stage drama will show from June 14, 2017 to June 18, 2017 for 5 days on Shinagawa Prince Hotel's Club eX (品川プリンスホテル「クラブeX」).

The full stage drama performance video can be watch on the Japanese Video Steaming Site "GYAO" by paying video pass. It also announced that the DVD and original soundtrack will be released on November 29, 2017.

Because of the positive reviews from the audiences, Kemono Friends official website announced there will have another round of the stage drama showing on January 13, 2018 to January 21, 2018 on Shibuya's AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo.


The actress of Animal Biscuits and PPP are the same as their voice actress.

Butai serval
Butai fennec
Butai raccoon
Ozaki Yuka (尾崎由香)
as Serval Cat
Motomiya Kana (本宮佳奈)
as Fennec
Ono Saki (小野早稀)
as Common Raccoon
Butai royal penguin
Butai emperor penguin
Butai gentoo penguin
Sasaki Mikoi (佐々木未来)
as Royal Penguin
Nemoto Ruka (根本流風)
as Emperor Penguin
Tamura Kyouka (田村響華)
as Gentoo Penguin
Butai rockhopper penguin
Butai humboldt penguin
Butai okapi
Aiba Aina (相羽あいな)
as Rockhopper Penguin
Chikuta Ikuko (築田行子)
as Humboldt Penguin
Nomoto Hotaru (野本ほたる)
as Okapi
Butai mammoth
Butai sheep
Butai white sabre tiger
Nito Moeno (仁藤萌乃)
as Mammoth
Nishikawa Misaki (西川美咲)
as Sheep
Sakai Ran (酒井蘭)
as White Tiger and Sabre Tiger
Butai greater flamingo
Butai raccoon dog
Butai black leopard
Kohno Yulia (幸野ゆりあ)
as Greater Flamingo
Kato Rihona (加藤里保菜)
as Raccoon Dog
Inamura Azusa (稲村梓)
as Black Leopard
Butai cheetah
Butai blue whale
Ishii Reika (石井玲歌)
as Cheetah
Ito Ikako (伊藤梨花子)
as Blue Whale

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