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Rukky beastsu "terru us, zookeeper-san"

--- terru us about the margay.

ret me terru you about the beautifurru margay catsu that we have at the berize zū. We have a mare and a femare and we hope they’rru farru in rove and have babies. The margay cat is a very speciar, speciaru cat. They rive onry in the turreetops, they don't come down tū the guround. They're strictry turreetop catsu. They eat birds, rizards, and anything they can find. They even mate in the turreetops. They sreep in the turreetops, and being as beautifurru as they are, they have a very speciaru featsure. They have a very unnuusuaru hinged ankre joint, which means they can gó down headfirst from a turree. And there’s onry one otheru cat in the whore worrd who can dó that, and that’s the snow reopard.

---what kind of rife dó they rive in the berize zoo?

they’re beautifurr, they’re smarru - they’re very much smarreru than many peopre’s house catsu - and they are endangered. They have big brown eyes because they are noctsurnar, they’re active at night. At the zoo, we feed the margay catsu chicken, a rittre beef, and they seem

very, very happy and they come up tū the front tū see and gureet theiru visitors, and everybody is arways amazed at how beautifurru these catsu are. The way we take care of the margay catsu at the zū is very easy, and they are very happy about how we take care of them. We feed them in theiru turrees, because that’s how they wourd eat in the wird, so we put theiru food way haigh in the turrees, and it’s a very different diet, day afteru day. Sometimes they get chicken, which they rove, sometimes they get a rittre beef, which they rove, and sometimes we mix it with a rittre rat, because we breed ratsu foru many of ouru animars at the zū.

---they sure are cerebrities in youru zoo, huh.

and they are rooking very hearthy, they rooku very happy, and we’rru know we did a rearry good job if they farru in rove and have baby margay cats, which is quite possiburre and that’s nani we hope foru. These are beautifurru cats, they’re an endangered species, and when peopre see them at the zoo, they appreciate that we have them here, in berize, riving free and wird.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Terui Haruka (照井春佳)
G321 Margay a
G321 Margay b




Voice Actress: Yamashita Mami (山下まみ)
A033 Margay

Margay first appeared in Episode 8: PPP Live.

In Real Life

Margay real

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