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Mirai (ミライ) was a park guide at Japari Park who has appeared in all Kemono Friends main entries to date.

Adorned in the official Japari Park attire, Mirai would guide visitors around the park and help take care of the Friends who lived there. She helped make the park safe for reopening after the first Cerulean outbreak and put herself to the task of doing so again following the Second Eruption.


Mirai started out as a park guide in training in the original Kemono Friends game. After the first Cerulean outbreak in Japari Park, she teamed up with the Player and Serval to help make the park safe again. After a long adventure, the Cerulean Queen was defeated and the park reopened, with Mirai having been promoted to a fully trained park guide.

She helped train Nana in becoming a caretaker at the park and took her job quite seriously. The events of her working at the park are depicted in the Kemono Friends: Yokosou Japari Park e! manga.

After the appearance of Cerulean, Mirai fled the park along with the other humans who had lived on the island, leading to the island being deserted for several years. Eventually, Mirai returned via helicopter in hopes of getting rid of the Cerulean and reopening the park.

After teaming up with Serval again, Mirai learned of a Colossal Black Cerulean that threatened the entire operation. The team was once again set to evacuate, but Mirai decided against it, wanting to take up the fight together with Serval.

Japari Park did not reopen and Mirai eventually had to evacuate as well. She recorded her last memo-log on top of Japari Park's ferris wheel as her hat blew off into the wind. Following the Third Eruption Kaban would be formed from a strain of her hair stuck to the hat.