Nana (菜々) was a caretaker at Japari Park and the main character of the Kemono Friends: Yokosou Japari Park e! manga.

When she started training she was assigned to Ezo Red Fox and Serval by Mirai. Eventually her responsibilities expanded and she got to know more Friends throughout her time at the park.


Nana lives with her little sister in the city area on Japari Island. Though her responsibilities cover a lot of different Friends, she often finds herself spending most of her time with Ezo Red Fox.

At first she couldn't get along with Ezo Red Fox, who was rather annoyed by having a "newbie" assigned to take care of her. But they soon became friends and Ezo Red Fox even started sneaking into Nana's apartment to sleep every now and then.

Friends began to appreciate Nana more and more to the point where they even threw her a party to celebrate her coming to Japari Park. Despite this, a lot of Friends believe they can take her for granted or ask any unreasonable thing from her every now and then.

It is currently unknown what happened to Nana following the evacuation of Japari Island after the Second Eruption as she did not return with Mirai to the island.

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