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New Guinea Highland Wild Dog (ニューギニアハイランドワイルドドッグ, Nyūginia Hairando Wairudo Doggu) is a Friend that first announced on Twitter by series creator Yoshizaki Mine on April 5th 2017 after the rediscovery of the species long thought extinct on April 4th 2017.

Shortly after, the official Kemono Friends twitter account announced it as a newly discovered Friend within Japari Park.



In Real Life

New Guinea Highland Wild Dog

The New Guinea Highland Wild Dog was thought to have been extinct for over 50 years until it was discovered by a team of zoologists and reasearchers in 2016. At least 15 dogs were identified, with varying fur colours and more and on April 4th 2017 it was officially determined that the dogs were indeed of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog spcies.

Currently known as the rarest dog species in the world, it's possibly it's a relative of the New Guinea Singing Dog, another rare species. It's also considered one of the most primitive dog species still alive today and zoologists are currently researching how they've adapted to modern life.

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