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Northern White-faced Owl (アフリカオオコノハズク, Afurika Ookonohazuku) is a Friend in Japari Park. Commonly referred to as the Professor or Prof. Karen (コノハ博士, Konoha Hakase), she runs Japari Library and serves as the chief authority among the park's Friends together with Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Though old and wise, she's got little patience and can be fairly self-serving in her actions. But if there's a threat to the Friends on the island she'll do anything in her power to stop it.


Mobile Game (2015)

Voice Actress: Saito Yuka (斉藤佑圭)
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"Doumo hakase desu. "chie no shouchou" to iwaretemasu ga, tashika ni paaku no koto ha yoku shitteimasu. Watashi-tachi fukurou ha, taihen okubyou na no de... ... koi ni odokasete ha, ikemasen. yasashiku, teinei ni uyamau desu yo.

English Translation

"Good day... My Ph.D.? They call it's a "symbol of wisdom" and they're right. You can ask me anything about the park. Us owls are quite timid ...so do not surprise on purpose. If you're not gentle and politely show us respect we will have a problem. Ah, this Eurasian Eagle Owl is Minny-chan, my amazing assistant."

In-Game Stats

Northern White-Faced Owl
Rarity ★★ Evasion 96
HP 6,351 Speed 36
ATK 1,495 Knock-Back 25
DPS 538 Reach 50


Japanese Romaji English Translation
当たり前ですが、助手より博士の方が優秀なのです Atarimae desu ga, joshu yori hakase no hou ga yuushuu na no desu It goes without saying, that professor is more capable than assistant
早く新しい場所へ向かうですよ Hayaku atarashii basho he mukau desu yo Let's go quickly to a new place
新しい実験の被験体がどこかに ... ... あ、居た。感謝するですよ Atarashii jikken no hikentai ga doko ka ni... ... a, ita. Kansha suru desu yo Where's the body for the experiment... ... ah, there it is. I'm thankful you know
片付け? 博士には無用の言葉なのですよ Katazuke? Hakase ni ha muyou no kotoba na no desu yo Clean up? For professor that word has no meaning
おや、博士に何か用ですか? Oya, hakase ni nanika you desu ka? Oh, hey what do you want from professor?
博士は今、取り込み中なのですよ Hakase ha ima, torikomichuu na no desu yo Right now professor is in the middle of something
最近「 」を被験体とは思えなくなってきたのですよ。まさかこれが、好きという感情? Saikin [ ] wo hikentai to ha omoenaku nattekita no desu yo. Masaka kore ga, suki to iu kanjou? Lately, professor don't see [ player's name ] as experiment subject. don't tell me this is, feeling called love?
どうも、アフリカオオコノハズクのコノハちゃん博士です。賢者とも呼ばれています。あと、天才 Doumo, Afurika Ookonohazuku no Konoha-chan hakase desu. Kenja to mo yobareteimasu. ato, tensai Good day, My name is Karen-chan professor, I'm a northern white-faced owl. I'm also being called a sage. also, I'm genius.
(トキに)ものすごい音痴なのです ( Toki nimonosugoi onchi na no desu ( to Crested Ibis ) you have severe case of tone-deafness
(クジャクの事件)それは謎ばかりのまま。スキンシップ兼研究の一環としてクジャクの羽を、無断でむしるくらいに仲が良いのに Kujaku no jiken ) sore ha nazo bakari no mama. sukinshippu-ken kenkyuu no ikkan toshite kujaku no hane wo, mudan de mushiru kurai ni naka ga yoi no ni ( incident with peafowl ) it's still mistery. Although as part of skinship and experiment, we pluck peafowl feather without permission. that's how good our relationships are
(リコの研究に)リコ、邪魔するんです(ズカズカズカ) riko no kenkyuu ni riko, jama surun desu zuka zuka zuka ) ( Towards forest owl experiment ) Riko, you're a nuisance ( making rude entrance )
(キジについて)キジは、跳躍は得意でも飛ぶのは苦手 kiji ni tsuite kiji ha, chouyaku ha tokui demo tobu no ha nigate ( about green pheasant ) Green Pheasant is a good jumper but a bad flyers
(キジの研究後)これはキジのポテンシャルですか? いいデータになりました、10点 ( kiji no kenkyuugo kore ha kiji no potensharu desu ka? Ii deeta ni narimashita, juu ten ( After experiment with Green Pheasant ) is this Green Pheasant potential? we collected good data, 10 points
平和とは、平和ではないところがあるからこそ、別の場所にて平和がある。と私は考えています。これは光と影の関係に似ています。光があるからこそ、影ができる。影があるからこそ、光が目立つ。... ... 平和でないところがあるからこそ、平和を実感できる、ということです。 Heiwa to ha, heiwa de ha nai tokoro ga aru kara koso, betsu no basho nite heiwa ga aru. To watashi wa kangaete imasu. Kore ha hikari to kage no kankei ni nite imasu. Hikari ga aru kara koso, kage ga dekiru. Kage ga aru kara koso, hikari ga medatsu... ... Heiwa denai tokoro ga aru kara koso, heiwa wo jikkan dekiru, to iu koto desu. Because there are places that doesn't have peace, in another places there is peace. And so i think. This is similar with light and shadow relations. Because there is light, the shadow formed. And because there is shadow, the light stand-out... ... Because there are places where peace doesn't exist, you can feel peace. That's the thing about peace.
(セキショクヤケイが襲われるとき)ちょっとうるさいです。「 」、静かにするよう行ってきてください。 Sekishokuyakei ga osowareru toki chotto urusai desu. [ ], shizuka ni suru you itte kite kudasai ( when Red Junglefowl being attacked ) so, noisy. [ player name ], go and tell her to be quiet !
「我思う 名月よりも 博士です』博士ですから、名月よりも博士の方がいいものですよ "Ware omou meigetsu yori mo hakase desu" Hakase desukara, meigetsu yori mo hakase no hou ga ii mono desu yo "I think, rather than bright moon, it's professor" Because it's about professor, she's better than the bright moon
... ... 博士は可愛いだけじゃないのです。もっと知的で、クールな存在のですよ ... ... hakase ha kawaii dake ja nai no desu. Motto chiteki de, kuuru na sonzai no desu yo ... ... professor is not only cute, she's also an intellect and a cool existence
(ミミちゃん助手と初めて会ったとき)む? 怪我をしてるのか? 丁度良い、今薬を作ったところじゃ。... ... もっとも、効果があるかどうか分からんがな mimi-chan joshu to hajimete atta toki mu? kega wo shite iru no ka? Choudo yoi, ima kusuri wo tsukutta tokoro ja... ... Mottomo, kouka ga aru kadouka wakaran ga na ( first time meeting minny-chan assistant ) hm? Are you hurt? You're in right time, I just finished making medicine... ... Although I don't know if that has the best effect


Voice Actress: Mikami Shiori (三上枝織)
A031 Northern White-faced Owl.jpg

The professor and her assistant have helped the Friends with a lot of things since humans left the island. Though the wisest Friend of them all, she wanted to learn about human cooking which she had read about in the books at the library.

So she set up a test together with the assistant where they would lead Friends through a quiz maze that required the ability to read and have good knowledge to pass, hoping that someone would get through it and be able to show them the art of cooking.

Eventually, the human Kaban reached the end of the maze together with Serval. They wanted to ask the professor what species of Friends Bag was but the professor refused to answer until Kaban had cooked for them.

The professor gave Kaban access to the books in the library and soon enough she had cooked up rice and curry for both the professor and her assistant. It was spicy but they liked it so much they answered her question.

As an additional reward, the professor also gave Kaban and Serval special tickets to the PPP debut concert that they had received after helping the group build a stage at the waterfront area.

A few days later Common Raccoon and Fennec came by to ask the professor permission to visit the sacred mountain, though she initially refused them the right she changed her mind after further consideration.

After Kaban was under attack by the Colossal Cerulean, the professor transmitted a help singal through a nearby Lackey Beast unit. Together with her assistant, they assembled all the Friends they could and came to help fight the Colossal Cerulean and save Bag and the other Friends of the island.

Upon defeating the Colossal Cerulean, the professor and her assistant helped lay out plans to rebuild the broken Japari Bus into a boat that Kaban could use to visit other islands and learn more about humans.

In Real Life

Northern white-faced owl.jpg

The feathers on a Northern White-faced Owl make up a tree surface pattern on its wings to be able to easily hide in the trees as tree branches when startled. It has the ability to do so thanks to its body being able to thin out their own body.


  • In Greek Mythologies, Owls usually represent to Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, which possibly caused people thinking Owls are smart like Prof. Karen, but the fact they aren't.
  • In the anime, Professor and her assistant look a same size, but in the game and real life she is much smaller than assistant.
  • In the Kemono Friends mobile game, both the Northern White-faced Owl and the Eurasian Eagle Owl are holding tools reminiscent of a Geologist Hammer (Rock Hammer).

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