PPP as they appear in the eight episode of the Kemono Friends anime.

PPP (ペパプ, Pepapu) is a three generations running idol unit at Japari Park. The name stands for Penguins Performace Project and currently consists of five members. During its first generation the unit was called PIP for Penguins Idol Project, but the name was changed over time.

The first generation unit consisted of four Penguin Friends. A Rockhopper Penguin, an Emperor Penguin, a Humboldt Penguin and a Gentoo Penguin. Further information on these four Penguins is scarce at the moment and there's no available information on the second generation at all beyond that its number of members were three.

Current Members

Behind The Scenes


All five members of PPP during a release event for the Kemono Friends manga.

PPP performs two songs in the Kemono Friends anime to date. The opening theme song Yokosou Japari Park is performed together with Animal Biscuits and Oozora Dreamer is performed in the anime's eight episode. Both songs have been performed live by the voice actresses of the characters in costume and are available on their first single.

The group is set to release more CDs in the future and with the increasing success of the anime it's not unlikely to hear more songs from them within the show as well.

During the early days of the Kemono Friends game, PPP debuted as party members during a special promotional campaign devoted to the original four members, then known as PIP. At the time the characters were supposed to be the same as the third generation of PPP, but as of the Kemono Friends anime they've been retconned into four previous members.

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