Black-tailed Prairie Dog greeting Kaban in Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog greeting Serval in the Kemono Friends anime.

Two prairie dogs greeting in nature.

A prairie greeting is a tradition within the prairie dog family of Friends. It's been depicted in episode five of the Kemono Friends anime and in Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte.

The Greeting

The traditional prairie greeting begins with the giving party asking permission to greet one or several Friends. If responded to with acceptance or a greeting of their own, the greeting takes place.

The greeting consists of a Friend deep kissing another Friend while holding on to her cheeks. The kiss lasts a few seconds and is done as a sign of respect and gratitude from the giving party to the recipiant.

Though generally used simply to greet Friends, it can also be used as a sign of gratitude.

Uses In Kemono Friends

To date the only Friend to have enacted the tradition is Black-tailed Prairie Dog. In episode five of the Kemono Friends anime, after she's been pulled out of a collapsed burrow by Kaban, Serval and American Beaver, she asks the three to allow her to greet them.

The Friends respond to Prairie's request by introducing themself, leading to her moving forward with the greeting itself. Kissing Serval, Kaban and finally Beaver before moving on with their conversation.

In Kemono Friends: Comic À La Carte she gives Kaban a second greeting at the start of the first volume's tenth story, Dash Park, as thanks for helping her and Beaver. Kaban is taken by surprise that Prairie kisses Friends even outside of first introductions, while Serval finds this new information great.

Behind The Scenes

The greeting exists in nature as well, as prairie dogs "kiss" to greet and recognize each other. Additonally, prairie dogs are polyamorous and will have several partners within a pack. Female prairie dogs are also known for getting along well with those sharing the same partner.

In the Kemono Friends universe, this was adapted into a behaviour where prairie dog Friends such as Black-tailed Prairie Dog find it natural to show affection for multiple Friends at once, leading to the traditional prairie greeting.

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