Serval (サーバル) was a second generation Serval Cat Friend that played a role in the Kemono Friends game.

Born after the Second Eruption, Serval were close friends with the human park guide Mirai during the fight against the Cerulean Queen.

Self Introduction

Yahoo! Is everyone doing alright? "Serval" actually means "Hound Dog". Even though I'm a feline, why is that? I'm actually often called a "Clumsy Girl" or "Trouble Maker", but that's not the case at all! It's my job to make everyone smile. So I'll do my best today as well!




  • ServalWIXOSS

    Serval's card fromt the WIXOSS promotional campaign.

    Serval was featured, together with Ezo Red Fox, in Kemono Friends promotional collaboration with the card game WIXOSS in 2015. Signed foil "Secret Rare" copies of her card was also released as part of the promotional campaign.