Serval Jump ~I Want To See Kaban-chan!~ (サーバルじゃんぷ〜かばんちゃんに逢いたい!〜) is a fangame based on the Kemono Friends anime. It was developed by CreatorsPrime and released on March 26th 2017 for free on iOS and Android.


The player must guide Serval through six stages, avoiding running into obstacles such as Cerulean and pits of spikes. Levels are automatically scrolling and the only player input inovles tapping the screen to make Serval jump. If Serval reaches the Japari Bus, she can continue from that point of the level should she fail to avoid an obstacle.


  • The Japanese title reads "Jump" in English, despite this it's written in hiragana and doesn't actually spell out an existing word.