Here you'll find a full timeline of events and media entries within the Kemono Friends continuity, as well as details on what happened following each entry. The timeline will be updated as more media entries release.

Simple Media Timeline

Detailed Timeline

Major spoiler warning for all the details that follow.

Event / Media Entry Description
First Eruption Sandstar erupts from the volcano on Japari Park and makes first contact with organic and non-organic bodies, creating Friends and Cerulean.
Japari Park opens as a place where Friends and humans can socialize and even live together.
Kemono Friends: Youkoso Japari Park e! Nana starts training to become a caretaker under Mirai's guidance. She befriends Serval and Ezo Red Fox.
Tsuchinoko leaves her cave in search of happiness and things that might interest her.
Nana befriends more and more Friends at the park and eventually finished her training, becoming a caretaker.
An increase in Cerulean hostility forces the park to close for safety measures.
Kemono Friends (Game) The Player, Mirai and Serval team up to stop the Cerulean threat and make the park safe to reopen again.
The Player meets Cerval, a unique Cerulean that have sentience and is learning how to become a Friend like Serval.
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The Player and the Friends defeat the Cerulean Queen, bringing peace back to the island and stopping her mind control of Cerval.
Japari Park is reopened to the public with Mirai being given the title of a fully trained Park Guide.
Mirai finds that a malfunctioning Lucky Beast unit keep recording things at random, so she modifies it to use it as a memo-log.
The new Underground Labyrinth attraction is inaugurated at Japari Park.
Second Eruption A second major eruption rapidly causes more Friends and Cerulean to be formed.
Japari Park is closed yet again following the second Cerulean outbreak and civilians are evacuated off the island.
Mirai studies a new type of Sandstar, called Sandstar Low, and finds that it's absorbed by Black Cerulean to increase their size and strength.
Mirai uses the tablets known as The Four Gods to create a filter on top of the volcano to prevent Sandstar Low from leaking out.
Despite Mirai's efforts, the team is called to evacuate as the Colossal Cerulean is simply too dangerous.
Mirai decides to stay behind as the team evacuates through the harbor, working with Serval and Caracal to try and stop the Colossal Cerulean.
Mirai fails to stop the Cerulean threat and the park is not reopened, the fate of her and the Friends by her side is unknown.
Several years passes and the abandoned Japari Park becomes desolate and broken down.
Third Eruption A third major eruption leads to more Friends and Ceruleans forming at the park.
Kemono Friends (Anime) Kaban find herself in the savanna area of Japari Park, without memories or knowledge of who she is.
Episode 1: Savanna Area Kaban meets Serval, who tells her to go see the professor at the Japari Library to learn what kind of Friend she is.
Kaban meets Lucky Beast, who talks to her and begins playing Mirai's old memo-logs.
Common Raccoon and Fennec start following the path of Kaban and Serval.
Episode 2: Jungle Area With the help of Jaguar and Small-clawed Otter, Kaban and Serval reassemble the Japari Bus so that Lucky Beast can take them to the library.
Episode 3: Mountain Japanese Crested Ibis flies Kaban to the top of a mountain to help her recharge the battery for the Japari Bus.
Episode 4: Desert Area Lucky Beast drives the Japari Bus through the desert and everyone is caught in a sandstorm.
After meeting Sand Cat, Kaban and Serval take shelter in her home.
Kaban and Serval find a hole leading to the park's bypass, allowing the Japari Bus to pass through the desert easily.
Stopping by the Underground Labyrinth attraction, Kaban and Serval get trapped together with Tsuchinoko and have to navigate their way out of the labyrinth.
Hardened lava rock clogs up most exits of the labyrinth, with Tsuchinoko speculating if this was why the attraction was never put on the map.
The three find the exit and a new set of ruins of Japari Park for Tsuchinoko to explore and research.
Episode 5: Lake Shore Serval, steering the Japari Bus, accidentally knocks American Beaver's logs into the river.
Deciding to help American Beaver build her home, they go to gather trees in the forest and run into Black-tailed Prairie Dog.
Realizing Beaver and Prairie have the same goal, Kaban suggests they build a home together. The two do as so and start to live together.
After leaving the shore, Kaban and Serval are stopped on the road by Lion's guards.
Episode 6: Plains Kaban and Serval is taken to Lion, who explains that she wants to end the feud between her and Moose by letting her win a battle between the two.
Kaban and Serval join Moose's army to help them tactically be able to face Lion in a fair fight and win.
After Moose's victory, Shoebill asks Kaban if she's human.
Episode 7: Japari Library Kaban and Serval pass a quiz tunnel and reach the library, meeting Northern White-faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle Owl.
Kaban is given a test by the owls, for them to answer her questions. She must cook dinner for them.
Kaban makes curry and serves it to the owls, who are surprised by the taste.
The owls tell Kaban that she is indeed human. They also tell her that humans, to their knowledge, have gone extinct.
As thanks for her efforts, the owls give Kaban two tickets to PPP's debut concert.
Episode 8: PPP Live Kaban and Serval get to know the girls of PPP and watch their first live performance.
Episode 9: Snowy Mountains Area Kaban and Serval find themselves in the middle of a snowstorm, taking shelter by building a snow igloo.
After meeting Gray Fox and Ezo Red Fox, they learn that there's a problem with the valve within the mountain range.
While the foxes fix the valve, Kaban and Serval learn Mirai's name through her memo-logs.
After escaping several Cerulean, the Friends all go to bathe in the hotspring.
Kaban teaches the new Friends who never met humans that they can undress.
Episode 10: Lodge Kaban and Serval arrive at Japari Lodge to stay a night.
A story about a ghost appearing at night make Kaban and Serval stay around longer, fearing what might happen if they leave for the road again.
Kaban realizes that the ghost is a hologram projection of Mirai and the Serval she knew, revealing it to the other Friends.
Upon seeing the hologram, Serval finds herself crying for reasons she doesn't know.
After solving the mystery, Kaban and Serval finally reach the harbor. Kaban tells to Serval that she wants to go to the mainland to search for humans.
Episode 11: Cerulean Kaban and Serval is attacked by a large Black Cerulean, but is saved by Golden Snub-nosed Monkey from the Cerulean Hunters.
Lucky Beast tells them about the high level of Sandstar Low coming from the volcano and they all go to investigate.
At the summit, Common Racoon and Fennec finally catch up with Kaban and Serval.
They all team up to restore the filter using The Four Gods and stop the Sandstar Low from leaking.
The Black Cerulean absorbed enough Sandstar Low to become a Colossal Cerulean, putting everyone at risk.
Lucky Beast insists that Kaban should leave the island, but she responds that she's not a visitor. Lucky Beast acknowledges this and makes her a temporary Park Guide.
Kaban creates a plan to lure the Colossal Cerulean into the ocean together with the Cerulean Hunters, Serval, Common Racoon, Fennec and Lucky Beast.
While executing the plan, the Japari Bus is knocked over and Serval is consumed by the Colossal Cerulean.
Brown Bear insisits on continuing the mission, Kaban agrees with her but in secret plans on saving Serval.
Kaban ties a rope to a strong tree and leaps into the Colossal Cerulean, swimming through it's body to reach Serval and pull her out.
To keep the Colossal Cerulean from going after the unconscious Serval, she lights a torch and draw its attention away.
Kaban thanks Serval for acceping her and always being there for her as she allows herself to be consumed by the Colossal Cerulean in her place.
Episode 12: Amusement Park Serval wakes up hours later to the realization that Kaban is no longer with the group. She begs Brown Bear to let her go back and save Kaban.
Lucky Beast tells Serval to go save Kaban and that they'll take care of things here, much to the surprise of Serval. Lucky Beast explains that they can talk to Friends if a human is in danger.
Serval and Brown Bear arrive at the Colossal Cerulean, but Kaban is already pure Sandstar. They try to destroy one of the Cerulean's legs to be able to get to Kaban.
After being unable to do any damage, Northern White-faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle Owl swoop in to help, bringing a ton of Friends with them.
With everyone's help, they're able to get Kaban's Sandstar out of the Cerulean, but they're still at risk of being consumed themselves.
Serval throws a burning paper airplane to get the attention of the Cerulean away from the group and towards the boat in the harbor.
After taking Kaban's Sandstar to safety, it returns to nature by reforming Kaban to her natural state - a human.
Reunited with her friends, Kaban goes to check on the boat and Lucky Beast. They find the boat in flames with Lucky Beast on it as it slowly sinks into the ocean with the Cerulean.
The Cerulean turns into hardened lava rock when submerged in water, with Tsuchinoko commenting that this is likely how other masses of lava rock that can be found around the island came to be.
Kaban and Serval search for Lucky Beast the next morning, and find parts of them on the beach. Enough for them to still communicate with the two in the from of a wrist-worn portable unit.
Episode 12.1: Busuteki Northen White-faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl ask Common Raccoon and Fennec to find new functioning tires for the Japari Bus.
Episode 12: Amusement Park (Continued) A great feast is thrown a month later to celebrate the defeat of the Colossal Cerulean and Kaban learning what species she was.
At the end of the feast, they reveal they rebuilt the Japari Bus into a boat so that Kaban can go explore other islands.
Kaban says farewell to the Friends and takes off south to the Gokoku Region together with Lucky Beast.
As a surprise, Serval and a few other Friends decided to follow her on her journey.
To be continued...